Search Engine Optimization

seo-articleGlobal Market Force is a Search Engine Optimization firm in San Antonio. SEO is one of the means by which you increase the amount of relevant visitors to your website. The most important factor in SEO is a well structured and well designed website that converts visitors into buyers. The structure and content of your site is the foundation upon which everything else is going to be built. Our Search Engine Optimization process considers how search engines work and what people search for, and then incorporate that into your website. We use relevant research to determine what key phrase or words define your product, service, or market.

At GMF, our SEO services can be broken down into four basic parts.

On-site Optimization: The structure and content of your website is the foundation upon which all optimization techniques are built. A well structured website with quality content is the most important factor for SEO. There are over 400 new domains registered every minute of every day, so our team of SEO experts work tirelessly to ensure your website remains relevant and up to date. 

Content: Search engines consider your content as one of the most important aspects in how your website will be ranked during a keyword query. A website using copied content or very little content will never be ranked as high as a website that has original, quality content. At GMF, we produce search engine friendly content that contains your relevant keywords or phrases.

Inbound Links: Most search engines consider inbound links to your website as a vote for your site - the site with the most votes wins! Careful consideration should be given to links.  Too many links and the search engines might consider that as voter fraud. The search engines are looking for highly ranked links that are relevant to your product or service. 

Conversion: The most important part of Search Engine Optimization is what happens to the visitor once he finds your website. It's important that your website be customer friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly there has to be a way to convert your visitor into a buyer. GMF has the proven track record of demonstrable results of traffic conversion. 

If your website in not on the first couple of pages of a search engine query, your website is not receiving new visitors. By providing various levels of SEO services, Global Market Force of San Antonio, TX can provide optimization within your budget constraints. We can help promote your website and increase your traffic flow and gain better search engine placement.  For more information on how Global Market Force can help optimize your website, call 1-210-268-3799, or complete our contact form.

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Online Marketing

online-marketing-articleIf your company is involved in online marketing, you have undoubtedly heard of search engine optimization. However, you may not fully understand how to implement it. A major element of effectively utilizing SEO effectively is understanding its purpose.

Basically, SEO is designed to help your company’s website stand out from among a crowded field of websites competing for the attention of online visitors. When executed properly, SEO raises the profile of your company’s website so that it appears early in the list of results for relevant keywords or keyword phrases. However, bad SEO can do more harm than good where your company’s online presence is concerned.

Back in the day, it was sufficient to “stuff” websites with keywords, the more the better. This is because search engine “bots” crawl the web searching for content containing particular keywords. This is why it’s still possible to encounter websites with copy that is barely intelligible. The copy is meant to be “read” by “bots,” and not by humans.

However, keyword stuffing is no longer an effective strategy to raise the profile of your company’s website, largely due to the Google Panda and Farmer algorithm adjustments that have taken place in phases beginning in 2011. With Panda and Farmer, Google changed the way it ranked pages, so that websites that were determined to have low quality content, including keyword stuffing, would be pushed down in keyword search results. In other words, keyword stuffing often makes it less likely, rather than more likely, that visitors will find your company’s website.

Another danger of keyword stuffing and other so-called “Black Hat” SEO strategies is having your website delisted by one or more search engines. If your website is delisted, it does not appear at all in search results – not on the first page, not on any pages. Delisting can be the kiss of death to an online business.

However, you should not be discouraged from incorporating SEO because of fear of delisting. As long as you incorporate relevant keywords into your copy in a reasonable rate of density, search engines will reward, not punish your website. Including informative, high quality copy also protects your company’s website from delisting and other “punishment” from Google and other search engines.